ACAT Assessment

Understanding ACAT Assessments

One of the most important steps in accessing Aged Care services is receiving an ACAT Assessment. This evaluation of your care is conducted by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) who are employed by the Australian Government to help determine the level of support you require. They will assess your health, mobility and care needs and recommend the types of aged care services that will suit you best.
You will need to apply for an assessment with My Aged Care. You can contact them either by phone on 1800 200 422 or visit the website at This part of the process can be a little daunting so contact our team if you need any help.
Once you have registered for an assessment you will be contacted by the local ACAT team to arrange a free home visit (or hospital visit, if you’re currently in hospital), to discuss your needs and the sort of care and support you might want. It is a good idea to have someone with you when the ACAT assessor comes so that they can help to answer questions and communicate your needs.

Level 1

supports people with basic care needs.
They might use this for things they find challenging to do themselves, like some domestic tasks.

Level 2

helps people with low-level care needs.
This might include domestic, shopping or social support, home podiatry or gardening assistance.

Level 3

supports people who have intermediate care needs, including personal care, preparing meals and looking after their medication.
They choose services such as social support, transport, nursing, gardening and minor home modifications like ramps and rails.

Level 4

is for people who need high-level support.
For example, help with personal care once or twice daily, five to seven times per week.
When your assessment is complete the outcome will be mailed to you by post. The letter will specify the services you are approved to receive, as well as the reasons why. If you are assessed for lower level care then you may be eligible for a Home Care Package (HCP) or support through the Commonwealth Government Support Program (CHSP).
Make sure you keep a copy of these documents so that we can work out what level of government-subsidised aged care you are eligible to receive.
Once you have received your assessment call our team to arrange a private discussion and tour of Georges Estate.

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