Types Of Care

Care to suit you

Georges Estate provides a nurturing and supportive environment with excellence in care at the core of everything we do. Care is different for everyone so we spend time getting to know you and what is right for you. We want you to feel safe and comfortable knowing you are getting the care that you deserve. Georges Estate offers a range of care needs on a permanent, respite or day respite basis.

High and low care

We offer 111-residential aged care beds catering for both high dependency and low care needs, which enables couples to live together even when differing levels of care are required. The level of care you receive will be based on your individual needs. We believe in whole-of-person care which means we want to support your mental, physical and spiritual needs.

Our home is purpose-designed so there are dedicated areas for those people who have lower care needs, who are more active and able to live more independently. Lifestyle and wellness programs will be designed to suit your needs. For those residents with lower care needs, we also provide an enhanced services package, allowing you to enjoy a little luxury every day.


Specialist dementia care

Georges Estate is an innovative and care-focused approach to aged care, purpose built with a secure, dedicated dementia care wing.

Dementia is a syndrome or group of symptoms caused by deterioration of the brain that affects thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities. There are many different forms of dementia and each has its own causes.

Dementia is an umbrella term which covers four main types: Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, Lewy bodies and Fronto Temporal Lobar Degeneration (FTLD).

Developing activities which promote meaningful and purposeful engagement are central to the way we care for people with dementia.

Music engagement including individualised music playlists, concerts and silent discos are popular activities and are a means to prompt reminiscence, self-expression and connection. Encouraging purposeful engagement in everyday activities and familiar household roles is important as it provides a sense of achievement and satisfaction to improve the quality of life.

Georges Estate staff are trained in dementia support.

If you would like to find out more about dementia you can visit Dementia Australia or call the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500.

Respite care

Everyone needs a break now and then, including those who care for us. Whether it is for a few hours, an overnight stay or a number of weeks, respite care can give your carer time to do things for themselves while you get the chance to meet new people in a safe and caring environment.

It’s important that both you and your carer feel comfortable with the respite service you choose. Before deciding on a respite provider, try and visit a couple to get a feel for their services. Observe participants and staff interaction and try to picture yourself there. Ask lots of questions and make sure you feel comfortable with your choice.

Day-stay respite care

You can attend social and recreational activities at Georges Estate for a couple of hours during the day or for longer overnight stays. The home has staff trained to support people who come in for short-stay respite.

Residential respite care

If your carer needs a longer break for a holiday or another important event, but you require help every day, you can move into Georges Estate for a short stay to receive respite care. This could be for a couple of weeks or longer.

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