Room Pricing

Living spaces designed for life

Georges Estate provides superior accommodation with generously sized, fully furnished single or double/companion bedrooms, each with private ensuite, large flat screen TV, air-conditioning, phone connection and ample cupboard space. Some rooms also have access to a courtyard.

The thoughtfully designed community also offers luxury facilities including a wellness centre, heated hydrotherapy pool, gymnasium, café and cinema and an on-site allied and primary health clinic.

Room pricing

Our accommodation and care options consider the varying needs of older Australians and include high and low care options for individuals and couples.
Room Maximum Occupancy Average Size (m2) Option 1: Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) Option 2: Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) Option 3: Example combination of part RAD (80%) and part DAP (20%)
Classic Single Room (Memory Support Unit Only) 1 26 $700,000 $160.33 $560,000 + $32.07
Classic Double Room (Memory Support Unit Only) 2 34 $600,000 $137.42 $480,000 + $27.48
Deluxe Single Room 1 26 $950,000 $217.59 $760,000 + $43.52
Deluxe Suite 1 35 $1,400,000 $320.66 $1,120,000 + $64.13
Deluxe Suite Double Room 2 35 $700,000 $160.33 $560,000 + $32.07
Premium Single Room 1 27 $850,000 $194.68 $680,000 + $38.94
Premium Double Room 2 36 $650,000 $148.88 $520,000 + $29.78
Premium Plus Room 1 30 $900,000 $206.14 $720,000 + $41.23
Penthouse Single Room 1 56 $2,200,000 $503.89 $1,760,000 + $100.78
Penthouse Double Room 2 56 $1,100,000 $251.95 $880,000 + $50.39
*Note: All rooms are subject to an extra service fee except Ivy (18 beds). This information applies to residents entering Georges Estate from 1st July 2024.

Extra and additional service fees

Superior Service Package

– the extra service fee covers a higher standard of accommodation and services. The Georges Estate Superior Service Package is an additional daily fee of $45 per day. Full details of the Extra Service offer will be provided prior to admission.

How much will my accommodation at Georges Estate cost?

The Government will pay an accommodation supplement for residents who are assessed as eligible.

Eligibility is determined through a combined assets and income assessment. Depending on your financial circumstances, the Government may pay either all, part or none of your accommodation cost.

If you are assessed as eligible for the maximum accommodation supplement, you will not be charged any additional amount for your accommodation. If you are eligible for a partial accommodation supplement, you will only be charged the difference between the supplement amount and the maximum supplement for Georges Estate. If you are assessed as not eligible, the Government will not contribute to the cost of your accommodation. Please note that the Government does not subsidise extra service or additional service fees.

Accommodation payment options

There are three payment options to choose from. The following amounts are the maximum you will be charged if you are not eligible for a Government subsidy:

1. Refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) (paid as a lump sum)

The maximum refundable accommodation deposit you will be charged is the amount listed against the room type in the table.

2. Daily accommodation payment (DAP) (paid periodically, eg. monthly)

Alternatively, you can choose to pay a daily payment for your accommodation at the cost per room type outlined in the table.

3. Combination of RAD and DAP (part lump sum, part periodic payment)

You can also choose to pay a combination of the refundable accommodation deposit and the daily accommodation payment. For example, if you were to pay an 80:20 split on a Deluxe Suite, your RAD will be $520,000 and your daily payment will be $29.78. 2022.112
For more information about accommodation pricing at Georges Estate, please contact our team.

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