Food & Dining

Our food and hospitality experience

Meals at Georges Estate are an experience in themselves. You will enjoy meticulously prepared, delicious and nutritionally-balanced meals everyday at Georges Estate.

Our in-house Executive Chef and culinary team prepare a wide range of meals, snacks and beverage options cooked fresh and daily in our kitchen. Only the highest quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients from accredited suppliers are used.

Our kitchen works together with our dietitians to ensure that all of our residents enjoy a variety of nutritionally-balanced and texture-appropriate meals.
We offer choices of hot and cold meals and cater for allergies and specific dietary preferences, such as a vegetarian diet. We will make every effort to cater for culturally-appropriate meals and once a week we also come together to enjoy Happy Hour drinks and snacks.

Private dining room

Dining with friends and family is a special experience, and we invite you to host your loved ones for any occasion. Whether it is for a special celebration, birthday or an intimate gathering, we are able to provide on-site catering to make the event special. We also offer the flexibility for you to cater your own event. Simply discuss your requirements with our friendly team and they will make the arrangements.

Food celebrations

Sharing a meal is a great way to come together socially and there are plenty of special occasion meals to enjoy. Each month, there will be special celebrations created around calendar events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anzac Day and so on, which provide the perfect opportunity for us to come together as a community for a special celebration meal. Details of these occasions will be shared with you on the monthly activity calendar so that you can arrange for your family and friends to join us.

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