The importance of building relationships in aged care

Making connections, learning new skills and feeling part of a group who value your time and company are paramount when it comes to feeling seen and heard. Whether it’s joining a local sporting club, getting involved in book club or volunteering, these are all examples of ways people can join a community and make valuable, long-lasting connections.

At Georges Estate, we take pride in offering different opportunities where our residents can lean on one another, practice their favourite hobby or learn new skills, all while socialising and meeting new people. The benefits are many; creating a space where you feel involved, learn about one another, make deep connections and feel safe in an environment where you spend most of your time.

Along with our activity schedule which creates numerous opportunities to build relationships and have fun while doing so, find out why it’s so important to build relationships in aged care and how we do so in our home.

Creating a connection between residents and staff

At the heart of any home is a well-rounded, respectful relationship between staff and residents. Considering our residents spend the majority of their time with these friendly faces, from the moment you wake up to helping at mealtime, it’s crucial these relationships are recognised and celebrated. We take the time to chat to one another about our plans for the day or sharing memories, and it’s these relationships which contribute to the overall happiness and enjoyment of our residents. This especially comes to life when we see residents and staff dancing together at events or getting involved in creative tasks together. We know too that after chatting to staff they also reap the benefits of these special connections, and the knowledge that their hard work and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Improving mental health

Building relationships is important for many reasons, and having an active social life is vital for our overall health and wellbeing. By chatting to friends, forming new friendships and enjoying activities together, happiness levels increase, stress reduces, and a sense of self-worth begins to grow.

At Georges Estate, our activity schedule provides many ways to promote these feel-good feelings, all while creating connections. For example, our Men’s Shed comes together once a week to create their own projects. From cutting wood, sketching out new design ideas and making new treasures, this is a chance for people who are interested in the same thing to come together, brainstorm and bring to life amazing things. Practicing a favourite past time with a group of people who also share the same interests is one of our favourite ways to see those connections flourish.

Other activities available around the home include our gardening club, chess club, knitting group and art class, offering regular opportunities to sit down and chat about passions and hobbbies, while also promoting the chance to get to know each other more and staying busy.

Some other ways to improve mental health might include regular meet ups, such as our popular Happy Hour on Fridays. We love to create a theme for these get togethers, perhaps Spanish or Italian night, and welcome everyone to sit down and mingle over their favourite tipple. These activities are a small but significant way for everybody to feel appreciated and respected.

Physical benefits add up

Building relationships can also benefit your physical health. Apart from having a chat and talking about the same topic, it’s a chance for residents to try some activities together. Take your pick from lawn bowls in the garden or having a go at some indoor games and you’ll find that these activities give people the chance to come together while keeping active. Gentle exercise can improve lingering aches and pains while contributing positively to heart health.

Spending time with family and friends

Spending quality time with a loved one is paramount to feeling loved and valued. Whether it’s a weekly or monthly scheduled visit to the home, this is a fantastic way to enjoy each other’s company, catch up on life in general and check in with one another. Enjoy a cup of tea in the garden or keep cosy inside – we think spending time with familiar faces and those closest to us is important to keep these connections going, especially as we get older.

We always welcome friends and loved ones to visit, encouraging day trips to nearby venues, or just hanging out around the many spaces in our home.

Georges Estate is a home where everyone is treated like family. With connections being created daily between staff, residents and their family, we’re proud to see our community come together.

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